Client Testimonials:

When my wife, bookkeeper and business partner of 46 years passed away recently, my personal and business accounting systems were in a total disarray due to her illness. I was unable to function as a business – nothing was in balance and we found many mistakes in entries etc. I called in Angie to assess my situation and see if she could help me. After reviewing everything, Angie determined that first we needed to fix the current system (which was antiquated AND which she had to learn to fix it!) so we could extract the data we needed for 2014, then the second phase was to convert over to an up-to-date version of QuickBooks. The online version was the best fit for my business so that is the way I decided to go. Angie has not only cleaned up all my financial data, but has almost finished my conversion to the new system. It is awesome! I am so happy with the results to date.

I am quickly becoming more automated and efficient and with Angie “holding my hand” for all the changes, I am not worried going forward. I would strongly recommend to anyone that needs a good, qualified and efficient bookkeeper to consider Bookkeeping by Angie. I know I am glad I did. Feel free to contact me for verification of this testimonial.

Don Allen, Owner
Ad Wizards Internet Services



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